About us

- Young people are always, smart and courageous, that's how we, in our hearts, are people of today.

- This web portal is all about poetry - the most beautiful way to tell your loved one that you love him. And also any form of poetry in different genres and categories.

- The whole world will hear your poems, and you can find your own hearts.

- Don't miss the chance to make new friends, develop your talent, and always be “you”.

"You think you have something to say, and so do we." Think there is a person who did not write poems? We think not. The form with which you can express your pain, joy, we do not think that there is more beautiful poems written with feelings.

- The portal is FREE in nature, it is free for everyone who wants to post poems, share their thoughts and be heard.

- As the creators of this platform, we want every user to feel comfortable on this site.

- The portal is not part of any institution, organization of any country, but is a form of free opinion, appeal, communication with the soul.